Quinoa - White, NZ Grown, Spray Free

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NZ grown white quinoa.

This quinoa is grown spray-free using sustainable farming practices. It has not been processed or polished so it does not contain the bitter saponins found in other quinoa. The end result is a whole, unadulterated grain (well technically seed) which has a mild, nutty flavour. 

Use it in salads, soups, curries or as a replacement to rice or pasta.

Product Information


Kiwi Quinoa

Country of Origin

This quinoa is grown across New Zealand, from the Central Plateau to the Canterbury plains. 


This quinoa arrives at Hopper in bulk 25Kg packaging. 

Anything Else?

For cooking directions visit:  https://kiwiquinoa.co.nz/blogs/quinoa/how-to-cook-kiwi-quinoa