Mister Chai Masala Chai Tea - Organic , Fair Trade

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Mister Chai's organic masala chai tea is best described as Traditional Indian 'street chai' - bold, feisty and invigorating. 

A morning chai increases energy and mental alertness. Best served with milk and honey.

Product Information


Jess and Tim from Mister Chai in Motueka, New Zealand.

Country of Origin



Mister Chai's masala chai tea arrives at Hopper in bulk 2Kg paper packaging.


Fair Trade full-leaf Assam black tea*, Ginger*, Black Pepper*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Cloves*, Fennel*, Mace*. *Certified Organic

Dairy, gluten and sugar-free. Contains caffeine. 

Anything Else?


 Boil 1/2 cup water with 2 slices of fresh ginger

Add 1-2 teaspoons of chai and stir until frothy

Add half a cup of any milk and bring to the boil

Take off heat and steep for 3-5 minutes

Strain and sweeten