Coconut Mylk - Organic Concentrate, 250ml Jar

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Organic coconut mylk concentrate produced by the team at VV Mylk in Rotorua.

250ml makes 4+ Litres.

This eco-friendly mylk concentrate is made with 100% stone ground certified organic cocnut with no nasty flavors or preservatives and will fill your body with the essential nutrients it needs so you can live your best everyday.

Just add one tablespoon (15ml) of Coconut Butter / Mylk to 250ml of water and BLEND or FOAM with a steam wand!

Note: Due to it’s purity, this product may solidify in storage. Gently heat up before use – we keep ours on top of the coffee machine 

One year shelf life, no refrigeration required.

All jars can be returned to Hopper/ VV Mylk for sterilisation and reuse.