Rolled Oats - NZ Grown, Organic, Unstabilised

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Bio-Gro certified organic rolled oats grown in mid-Canterbury.

Oats are a true cereal grain but compared to other true cereals they have a higher protein and fat content. The oat seed or groat is contained within a hull which must be removed before the seed can be eaten. This makes oats difficult to process, since the oat husk is very adherent. When oats are dehulled, the bran and germ remain with the groat. This is what makes oats such an excellent source of B vitamins and minerals.
High in polyunsaturated fats it is a good source of long lasting energy.

These oats are unstabilised so have a shorter (3-4month) shelf life. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer to prolong their shelf life.