Dishwashing Liquid

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Squeaky clean dishes with no nasty products!

Our special formula helps disperse grease, and dissolve food like egg from dishes, pots and pans.  Scented with Lemon for it's powerful grease cutting, cleaning and fresh fragrance. Oils designed to keep skin soft - you're soaking in it! Made from plant originating oils and essential oils, with a lovely scent of lemony citrus.

We do not use any synthetic detergent agents, fillers, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, fragrance oils, or other scientifically proven and well recognised synthetic ingredients known as endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins or immunotoxins.

We recognise any ingredient used in any product can however be an irritant, allergen, or cause problems for some people, and we suggest when changing to any product, ours or otherwise, caution is used.

Our products are safe on the environment and in septic systems.