Brown Linseed (Flaxseed) - NZ grown

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Linseed is the small, reddish-brown or golden-yellow seed of the common flax plant, linum usitatissimum, the same plant that's used to grow the fibre from which linen has been made for thousands of years. It's equally correct to call the same small seeds linseed or flaxseed.

Traditionally pressed to make linseed oil, the seeds have long been used medicinally to help with constipation, but are packed with many other health benefits. They are more likely to be recommended as a vegetarian source of an important omega-3 fatty acid usually found in fish oils, but the accessibility of this ingredient can be affected by association with other constituents, and it’s best to take specialist dietary advice if this is important.

Linseeds add marked dietary fibre to your diet, and thus should first be added in modest amounts and always with increased liquid intake.

Culinary grade linseed or flaxseed oil has a rich, buttery taste and is useful to add richness to bland dishes; it can be used as a milder laxative than the seeds.

Our Linseeds are sourced in New Zealand