Nut Mylk Concentrates - 250ml Jars

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Created by Rotorua based VV Mylk these eco-friendly mylk concentrates are made with 100% stone ground nuts with no nasty flavors or preservatives.

VV Mylk use an ancient method of stone-grinding which ensures that the flavour and nutrients possessed by the nuts (and seeds) is of the highest quality, yielding maximum health benefits.

Just add one tablespoon of the Nut Mylk to 250mls of water and BLEND, SHAKE in a jar or FOAM with a steam wand!

250mls makes 4+ Litres. Two year shelf life, no refrigeration required.

Hopper stocks Almond Mylk as well as Macadamia, Hazelnut, Pine Nut, Walnut and Barista Blend, the latter 5 all using NZ grown nuts. 

Product Information


Rotorua based VV Mylk

Country of Origin

All these nut mylks are ston-ground in Rotorua, Zealand  

The almonds are from Australia.

The macadamias (organic), hazelnuts, pine nuts and walnuts are all New Zealand grown. 

The Barista Blend is a blend of macadamias (organic, NZ grown), sunflower seeds (25%, organic, Argentina) watermelon seeds (25% India).


Glass jars that can be returned to Hopper/ VV Mylk for sterilisation and reuse.