NZ Wholemeal Pasta - Organic, Dried

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This handmade wholegrain organic pasta is made in Palmerston North by the not-for-profit registered charity Wholegrain Organics. Wholegrain Organics uses any profit made to sponsor their Hands-On Food educational program for 12-19 year-olds.

Ingredients: Freshly Milled Organic Wholegrain NZ Wheat, Filtered Water. Organic Locally grown, locally made.

Cooks in just 5-  5 1/2 minutes.

Normally you would have to go to Italy or Europe to get good wholegrain pasta, but this pasta is made by the amazing Wholegrain Organics team in the Manawatu. Smooth, no gritty texture. No eggs. Simply stir through your favourite sauce for a healthy quick meal. Starting with organic grain, milled in a zentrofan mill to get a very fine, 100% wholegrain flour, water is added to make the pasta, then its dried overnight. Delicious and healthy.