Quinoa Puffs - White, Spray-Free, NZ Grown

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NZ grown white quinoa puffs.

These crispy quinoa puffs are a fantastic addition to your homemade muesli or granola, delicious in muesli bars and homemade chocolate clusters, they give an incredible crunch. 

Made from quinoa that is grown spray-free, these quinoa puffs are made through a process called friction cooking. This is a method of extrusion that is unique in that it doesn’t break down proteins resulting in a nutritious product packed with protein and fibre. 

Product Information


Kiwi Quinoa

Country of Origin

The quinoa is grown across New Zealand, from the Central Plateau to the Canterbury plains. 


These quinoa puffs arrive at Hopper in bulk 3Kg packaging. 

Anything Else?

For a great Kiwi Quinoa Chocolate Crispies Recipe: