Coffee Supreme - Whole Beans or Ground, Decaf available

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Whole or ground (for filter) coffee beans roasted right here on Hopper Street by Coffee Supreme.

Supreme is Coffee Supreme's signature espresso blend enjoyed all across New Zealand.  Supreme displays a full-bodied richness, a crisp, cradling acidity, and lingering cocoa finish. 

Supreme coffee are all about better coffee. Better taste. Better quality. Better for everyone who’s come to the party: coffee producers, coffee makers and coffee drinkers.

Product Information


Supreme Coffee based right here on Hopper St, Wellington.

Country of Origin

Supreme Coffee sources their coffee beans directly from Central American farmers (Nicaragua, Brazil and Colombia) with whom they have formed long-term relationships with. These producers get good money in exchange for Supreme quality green coffee. 


Supreme ground coffee and coffee beans are collected directly from Coffee Supreme in food-grade buckets that are returned for reuse. No disposable packaging is generated in the transpost of this coffee from Coffee Supreme to Hopper.