Walnuts Pieces - NZ Grown

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NZ Grown walnut pieces.

Our walnuts come from a co-operative of around 50 walnut grower members, mostly in Canterbury, with some based in Otago and Nelson. While some of the orchards are certified organic all the orchards limit the use of sprays, preferring to prune, feed, water and then let their walnuts grow.

All of the walnuts are processed at Tricketts Road facilities in West Melton, Christchurch. Unlike imported walnuts which are cracked months before they reach New Zealand, Trickett’s Grove walnuts are cracked just in time for delivery - maximising their nutrients and delicious fresh nutty taste.

Walnuts are so versatile – so go on, grab a handful as a snack or as part of your next meal and you’ll be on your way to the 30g of nuts per day as recommended by nutrition experts.